Twisted Tomboy Tales, Part One

I’m back from my long hiatus. I see that Maxis has been cranking out the content, too! As well as the bugs…

Anyway, the Detective career from the Get to Work expansion caught my eye, and I thought it might be fun to recreate one of my early Sims 3 sims, the tomboy cop Meredith Gallegos. You can read about her Sims 3 incarnation on the forums, starting with the next-to last post on this page…

For this new version, I went with the traits Active, Self-Assured, and Bro, along with the Body Builder aspiration.
Screenshot (295)

I moved her into Sandtrap Flat in Oasis Springs. It has room for a pool in the back yard, and a really nice interior layout with all the rooms meeting up at the front door in the center of the house. Plus, extra space in the living room for skill objects. It’s a really well-designed starter house for a single or a couple.
Screenshot (296) Screenshot (297)

After confirming her job as a Police Cadet, her first order of business was to head out for a nice jog. This was interrupted, though, by the arrival of Johnny Zest on her doorstep to welcome her to the neighborhood. How nice! Meredith stopped to chat with her new neighbor for a while. A passerby on the sidewalk caught her eye…
Screenshot (307)

She’ll have to get to know that kid later. What sports fan could pass up the chance to be friends with Bobby Orr?

Once Meredith and Johnny had become Friends, I felt that was a good time for her to say goodbye and resume her jog. But Johnny interrupted her again a few minutes later, this time with a phone call inviting her to his birthday party.

Cool, a party invitation on her first day in town! A chance to meet more friends. Yeah, jogging can wait; her new friend’s birthday party takes precedence.

She arrived at Johnny’s house dressed to kill… she’s one of them tomboys what clean up real good… and the other guests, uh…
Screenshot (308)Screenshot (309)

Oh. They’re not guests. They’re just passing by. Is… is Meredith really the only guest? Oh, hey, Here comes Bob Pancakes! Whew, that’s a rel-…
Screenshot (311)

Oh. He’s not a guest, either; he’s here to do the catering.

Wow, Meredith really is the only guest. Johnny goes and plans a birthday party for himself, hiring a caterer and everything… and the only person who shows up is a last-minute invitee who didn’t even know him before this morning. That’s sad.

Also sad… Johnny threw out that last-minute invite to the cute girl who’d just moved in next door instead of cancelling his otherwise unattended party, probably in the hopes of getting some lonely birthday sympathy nookie.

You know what’s even sadder than that, though? Yeah, you guessed it… it worked. Sigh…
Screenshot (313)

Turns out Johnny sleeps in a single bed, so there’s no place at all to woohoo in his trailer. And it also looked like Bob might be hoping they had room for a third.
Screenshot (314)

Ugh. Not happening, Bob. Not happening.

I had to end the party so Meredith and Johnny could go back to her place, where she has a proper adult bed. And no third wheel, either! No offense, Bob.
Screenshot (318)

Afterwards, Meredith had to pee, shower, and eat. Johnny watched a little TV, then got up and helped himself to a bowl of cereal. I appreciated this, because Meredith really didn’t want to try making dinner for the two of them with her still-zero Cooking skill. She got herself a bowl of yogurt, and they chatted amicably over their quickmeal dinners.

Johnny took care of the dishes (nice!), and then left. It would’ve been fine if he’d wanted to stay a bit longer (and Meredith had taken a Steamy Shower, just in case), but this was cool, too. Meredith was finally free to do some jogging!
Screenshot (322)

“Look at me; I’m Ridiculously Photogenic Guy! Er, Gal.”

Once her Fatigue dipped into the yellow, I waited for her to approach her house again, then ended her jog and sent her to bed. She had a big day ahead of her tomorrow.


Carnegie Free At Last, Part One

After making Carnegie be my little caged pet for nine weeks, I decided I owed it to her to let her experience the freedom she’d earned. I didn’t feel like finishing the house she’d built during the challenge for a couple of reasons. I’d planned for her little box to become the kitchen and dining room, but I now felt that space was a little too small for such a big house. Also, Carnegie Hovel was too much house for just her.

So, I grabbed her best painting and the freezer bunny guitar she’d never been allowed to play, bulldozed the mansion, and moved her to Vista Quarry in Oasis Springs to make a fresh start.

Screenshot (272)

I chose this place because it’s a cute little house, not too pricey ($48k, taken from the small fortune she now had at her disposal), and it has a nice place for a pool in the back.

Screenshot (273)

Silly me, though; I didn’t get an “after” screenshot showing the pool. Something I’ll have to do in my next post, I guess. But you can see where that L-shaped patio would wrap nicely around a moderately big pool.

The first thing she did after walking onto her new home lot was enthuse over her new garbage can.

Screenshot (274)

It was now time to think about a career for her. I decided to go with Comedy, because I wanted her to use a skill that she could still develop as she went (she’d maxed out several skills during the challenge). Being Materialistic and Childish gives her plenty of self-deprecating material, and she’s also Cheerful, so she won’t mind poking fun at herself.

And I gave her the Joke Star aspiration while I was at it.

I sent her to the lounge Sunday night to see if she could get some open mike action, but there was already another comedienne there. A nice-looking one, too…

Screenshot (276)

Carnegie suddenly felt underdressed, so I changed her into her formalwear for the first time.

Screenshot (277)

She watched her competitor for a while. The fiddler accompanying the comedienne was replaced with a terrible guitarist.

Screenshot (279)

I decided it wasn’t worth waiting her turn if she had to listen to this jangling discordance while she was at it, so I sent her to the bar to make some acquaintances before going home.

At level one of the career, she was set to work Monday through Friday. But she received a promotion on Tuesday that changed her workweek to Friday through Tuesday, so she had some unexpected time off. And now she needed to make friends for both her aspiration and her career (making five friends would satisfy both requirements), so I sent her to the bar Tuesday night, where she promptly made a few more acquaintances.

I had her write her first comedy routine Wednesday morning, then do some swimming, then head to the lounge to perform her new routine if the chance came up. She brought all her available acquaintances as an entourage and, to my surprise, did not change out of her swimsuit before leaving the house.

Screenshot (281)

Well, whatever. Maybe that could be part of her schtick. She greeted each of her acquaintances before going in, and found out that Odin Boyer (the red-haired guy in the above pic) is Evil. Something to keep in mind, I guess.

Screenshot (282)

Eat your heart out, beautiful short-haired evening gown lady.

Carnegie made $90 in tips before her bladder needed some attention. Odin walked in on her while she was peeing, the big jerk, and I’m sure he enjoyed embarrassing her.

Evening-gown lady came back to take over the mike while Carnegie was away, so Carnegie chatted with the bartender before heading home.

The next morning, that bartender strolled into her house like he owned the place and started using her computer while she was eating breakfast.

Screenshot (283)

And she was in just the mood (Very Inspired) to write another routine. I called it a night at this point. I’ll decide later how to deal with this Dr. Druid-looking muffker.

Carnegie in The Room, Week Nine

Free at last! Challenge complete.

Her bills came in this week at $9206.

I made her pull an all-nighter Saturday to get her property value to $335k so she could buy a $15k violin to seal it. She also maxed out her Charisma skill in the process.

She completed Mansion Baron at 4:54 Sunday morning.

Screenshot (265)

I let her pee, eat, sleep and get some Social before she finally emerged from her house into the world.

Screenshot (271)

Final score:

160 (carried over), -7 (days passed), +5 (one aspiration milestone), +10 (one skill maxed).

Total: 168.

Carnegie in The Room, Week Eight

Carnegie’s bills skyrocketed this week, to $7962. She’s definitely on the way to earning her freedom!

The other noteworthy thing that occurred was she had sims somehow wander into her yard, despite having no gate in the outer wall. Not once…

Screenshot (245)

“Ohmagawd, ohmagawd, I have, like, all your books? I am, totally, you know, your biggest fan?”

… not twice…

Screenshot (250)Screenshot (251)

“It’s rumored that someone lives here. I wonder if she might be the type who WOULDN’T use me as her personal ATM while she goes out and gets pounded by other men?”

…but three times!

Screenshot (257)

“Must… find way inside… get… fashion tips!”

Fortunately, it was easy to get rid of them; I just made a hole in the outer wall and they soon left of their own accord. I hope it’s not something that continues to occur so frequently, though, as I could see that getting pretty annoying. The wall’s supposed to keep sims out, not in.

Oh, and then there’s this. A hint of things to come?

Screenshot (255)

“Gotta look my best for when the aliens come! Maybe they can be convinced to help me escape this little box.”

Her property value managed to break $250k, which seems pretty good, considering I bought her a bunch of crap last week just to meet the $200k milestone and then sold it all back, leaving her with a property value of $144k. Less than $100k to go now!

Here’s how the house looked at the start of week nine…

Screenshot (258)Screenshot (260)

The little room next to the bar is supposed to be a greenhouse, but adding those stairs caused the big windows to disappear. I guess I’ll just have to change things around a bit.

Week Eight Scoring:

167 (carried over), -7 (days passed).

New total: 160.

Carnegie in The Room, Week Seven

Carnegie completed stage three of Mansion Baron, and her bills came in at $4246 this week.

I had her try using a microphone for the first time.

Screenshot (241)

So, now I’ve tried most of the methods of fulfilling the Social need that don’t involve another sim. Here are my thoughts on them…

Computer: Chat is slow. But it’s also a “fire and forget” action, meaning you queue it up and it continues until you cancel it. I haven’t tried Troll Teh Forums yet, though; it’s my understanding that it also raises the Fun need, but it may require a specific mood, like Playful. I’ll have to have Carnegie give that a try sometime. I think her reward trait from completing Painter Extraordinaire might remove the need for a specific mood for that; it does so for other stuff besides painting, at least.

Stuffed Animal (requires Childish trait): Requires input for each interaction, but it’s pretty quick. It also gives the sim an Inspired moodlet. This is nice for a painter or writer. I’ve been having Carnegie queue up all five Talk interactions, plus Hug, when her Social slips into the yellow or when her Inspired mood is starting to fade while she’s writing. This gets her back to green, refreshes an Inspired moodlet and a Happy one, and lets her get back to her writing quickly.

Talk to Plant (Requires Gardening level 4): It’s an extended action; you click on it, and your sim will talk to the plant for a while. It fills the need quickly, and also raises the Gardening skill.

Microphone: It fills the Social need quicker than computer chat, but not as quickly as a stuffed animal or a plant. It also fills Fun, though, as well as improving the Comedy skill. And it’s also a “fire and forget” action.

Other than that, there’s not a whole lot to report this week.

Week 7 Scoring:

169 (carried over), -7 (days passed), +5 (one aspiration milestone).

New total: 167.

Carnegie in The Room, Week Six

Carnegie’s bills came in at $3535 this week. She didn’t max out any skills or complete any aspiration milestones. I was expecting this, though.

Saturday night, she completed this painting…

Screenshot (239)

“What has two thumbs and just made it into the art history textbooks? This gal!”

She’s so close now to completing Mansion Baron stage 3. Hanging this painting brought her a good step closer to it, thanks to Moongodess posting a tip that moving the picture in Build Mode would make the game recognize its value and add it to the lot value.

Here’s her house as the next week was starting…

Screenshot (240)

Week Six Scoring:

176 (carried over) -7 (days passed).

New total: 169.

Carnegie in the Room, Week Five

There’s not a whole lot to report this week.

Carnegie maxed out Gourmet Cooking Sunday morning.

Her bills came in at $1441.

She continues to write a book a day.

She completed stage two of Mansion Baron later in the week and met one of the goals for stage three (own 30 windows), and things will probably be slowing down from here on. She just needs to keep earning money and spending it.

Here’s what her house looked like as week six was just starting…

Screenshot (229)

Week Five Scoring:

168 (carried over), -7 (days passed), +5 (one aspiration milestone), +10 (Gourmet Cooking maxed).

New total: 176.